Real Estate Exemptions

Real estate tax exemptions and abatements are deductions from the amount of property taxes homeowners must pay to the city or town where they live. Exemptions and abatements may cover all or part of the total real estate taxes due.

Massachusetts law allows cities and towns to give real estate tax exemptions to seniors, the blind, surviving spouses and minor children, homeowners facing hardships, and certain disabled veterans who meet financial, residency, and other eligibility requirements. 


To find out if you may qualify for a real estate tax exemption, you may contact the Assessors office or by clicking the link below to see the eligibility requirements.


 FY 2024 Exemption Eligibility Requirements


How to Apply

The applications and all required documentation are available in the Assessors office or by clicking the corresponding link below. You must file an application for an exemption with the Whitman Assessors office. You can apply for the exemption between the months of July and March of each fiscal year. The deadline to submit the applications is three months after the actual tax bills are mailed in January of each year. If you do not file on time, you will not get the exemption.  You must apply each year if you wish to continue to receive the exemption.

Exemption Applications