Online Services
Services such as Online Bill Payment and Property Database, to name a few, are provided directly to the public to enhance the accessibility and transparency of Town government using the official Town of Whitman Website as a key communication and service-delivery channel.

Network Services
The Town of Whitman is fortunate to own and operate the Town network. This network runs throughout the Town connecting 6 locations, including Public Safety, and the Library. It provides secure Internet access to all Town Staff.

Enterprise Application Management
ITD supports various Enterprise Applications such as Softright for Finance & Human Resources, AssessPro for Property Assessment, IMC/Perform for Public Safety, and many more.The Geographical Information System (GIS) is also hosted within the IT Department.

Technical and User Support Services
The IT Department uses software to log all tickets for computer related incidents or requests. Automation has been added to make the trouble reporting process more efficient. All reported problems are resolved in the order they were received, however tickets can be quickly re-priortized if necessary.

Website Services
The Town of Whitman Website is a collaborative project that involves the entire Town. All Town business and services are promoted on the Website. Online services for paying bills, etc. are available on the Web. The website is supported with a Content Management system that allows non technical staff within each department the ability to add, update, and remove content as necessary.

Systems Support Services
ITD maintains many servers and computers throughout the Town. System Engineers maintain the computer infrastructure of the Town as well as plans for and design the changes and upgrades to keep the Town current with technology. This group also is responsible for implementing Security services.

Geographical Information Services
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer resource that makes map creation and information retrieval efficient and easy. The Town of Whitman uses GIS to create, maintain, and analyze its spatial information. GIS has become an important component for projects in nearly every department. Some examples of Whitman GIS data include roads, buildings, tax parcels, water lines, street lights, and aerial photographs.