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Whitman Board of Health Permit and License Fees can be viewed and printed at your convenience.

Please note that on July 21st, 2022 the Board of Health voted to set an "operating without a license fee" for Mobile Food Vendors who operate without a license in the Town of Whitman.  There will be a violation fee of $150.00 per day/offense for the Mobile Food Vendor who operates without a license.  Additionally there will be a violation fee of $50.00 charged per day/offense to any host who hires an unlicensed food vendor.

Please see list of licensed providers to confirm if a mobile food vendor is licensed to operate in the Town of Whitman prior to any event.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Health office!

Food Permit Applications

Hawker/Peddler Information - Please visit

Food Establishment Information

Each food establishment in Whitman is required to have the following guide in a three-ring binder retained at your establishment: Guidance For Emergency Action Planning for Retail Food Establishments.

The Whitman Board of Health requires each food establishment with a service license to have a person with the food allergy certification as well as a person certified as a food protection manager for EACH shift.  Click here for a directory of the Massachusetts Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and Training.


Tobacco Retailer Training Link Below:

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